Keeping up with the Curators: Muhammad

I was a curator of the real science nano Twitter account last year during the last week of August. 

I am delighted to share with you that I have won a research grant from Austria Science Fund (FWF) as a principal investigator under the mentorship of Prof. Kimberly Modic. The grant titled “A new probe of multipole physics in Pr-based compounds” will be executed in collaboration with Stanford University USA and I want to share with you what this project is about:  

“A monopole can be conjectured as a sphere that does not change its shape when rotated in free space. A dipole changes from positive (north pole) to negative (South pole) when rotated by 180 degrees in free space. Monopoles and dipoles are easy to detect such as bringing two positive charges or two north poles closer and they will repel each other, respectively. Higher-order multipoles vary more rapidly when rotated in space and are hence harder to detect. In this project, we proposed a special material and a unique technique to detect these higher-order multipoles.”

– Muhammad Nauman

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