Thank you Canva for the Pro Version

Beautiful images and videos are our currency in the digital world.

 The Science Talk was launched with the mission of making science accessible. Source of information is as important, if not more, as the information itself. Hence we bring real science from real scientists. Once the content is ready, the next step is packaging. As seen in the graphic below, this is where Canva starts coming into the picture and how! 

Different stages of content at The Science Talk – Canva plays an important role in 75 % of the content journey!

I was made aware of Canva by two of my friends and I am oh so thankful to them!

The Science Talk team has been using Canva for the past 4 years and all our graphics, social media videos/images are created using Canva. It is a very, very simple and helpful tool for someone like me who is always bursting with creative ideas and does not have any graphic design training. Even The Science Talk logo was created with Canva

As seen in the graphic above, Canva is used in 50 % of the content journey – packaging and promotion. Until recently we had access to the free version which comes with really cool templates and options.

Keeping up with the growth and popularity of The Science Talk, we wanted to step up our game to deliver our science content in the best way possible. This included making our Under the Microscope podcasts available on Spotify and GooglePodcasts, launching our newsletter, preparing Twitter/SciComm trainings for scientists and coffee on Patreon.

We reached out to Canva and explained the nature of our project. At the science talk, we are all volunteers and doing this in our free time. The Canva team was extremely helpful and quick in unlocking the pro version for us, for FREE! We want to thank the Canva team for supporting The Science Talk! 🙂

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