Real Scientists Nano

The Real Scientists Nano project consists of two parts: The twitter account which is taken over (curated) by a different scientist every week, and a podcast in which we interview the curators about their work and careers. The twitter takeover is an extension of the broader and wider Real Scientists account which runs on a similar concept. 

Find out about all our past curators and listen to their interviews here!

Our vision

We want to bridge the gap between materials and nano scientists and the general public. 

Our Mission

Through twitter and podcasting, we provide a free accessible platform for scientists to engage with the public.

We encourage scientists to discuss both their research and their experiences, to challenge stereotypes and provide diverse role models.

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Want to get involved with Real Scientists Nano? Just click to volunteer as a curator or nominate someone else using our forms. For any other queries, send us a DM on twitter or email us.

Meet the team

Dr. Pranoti Kshirsagar

Owner & Podcast Host

Dr. Svenja Lohmann 

Podcast Engineer & Curator Liaison

Past team members

Dr. Johanna K. Jochum

Dr. Sara H Mejias

Irene Sánchez Arribas

Curator Liason

Sanket Suman Dash

Podcast Engineer

So, let's tell a bit of my story. I grew up in South Wales, near Cardiff, and knew from quite an early age that I wanted to be either a physicist or an engineer - ending up as a materials scientist seems quite natural now, but I didn't know anything about the subject from school.

Well, some emails got sent, others got deleted, and in what I feel may be typical for this untypical week I did an interview for a film @wmgwarwick are making about what it's like to work here! Can't wait to see the final version!

Hello everyone! I'm very excited to be taking over the @RealSci_Nano account this week. This one is promising to be quite a whirlwind with a little bit of everything in my academic life - not typical, but at least you'll get to see the breadth of activities I'm involved in!

🏺Shattering 10,000 year-old ceramic recipe 🏺

Please give a warm welcome to this week’s real nano scientist @DrClaireDancer

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