Our Materials Scientists – where are they from?

RealScientists Nano and Under the Microscope curator map

We recently completed three strong years of the RealScientists Nano Twitter account and Under the Microscope podcast. You can read our post on reaching 3000+ followers on Twitter and the journey behind this milestone. Completing three strong years is very special as this also marked interviewing 100 materials scientists (our curators) from around the world. Our curators of RealSci_Nano and Under the Microscope gave our followers, listeners, viewers and supporters an insight into their science life which has been extremely rewarding.

After completing 194 episodes of Under the Microscope (recently the format changed from 2 podcasts per guests to 1 podcast per guest), we took a step back to pat ourselves on the back AND make some beautiful images for you to get an idea of how international this project is.

There are some trends to note here. Most of the scientists coming from developing countries seem to work in developed countries at the time of recording the podcast. It is no surprise that opportunities and funding is limited in developed countries. This is also supported by our recent analysis of the top 3 wishes of our materials scientists. Also worth noting that scientists from developed countries tend to stay on the same continent.

Thank you for reading this far. We pride ourselves in being a diverse and inclusive science communication platform. We want to see even more flags in this picture in future and hence we invite you to nominate anyone you think will be interesting and/or volunteer yourself.

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