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The Science Talk was launched back in 2018 with the goal of bridging the gap between scientists and the public. The idea is to showcase the human side of research by shining a spotlight  on scientists and their research. We have five different concepts – #42Questions, #MyFirstScience, #ListenUp, #InOtherWords and #UnderTheMicroscope.

We started off with #42Questions, an interview series where scientists answer 42 quirky questions. The questions cover everything from  fun stuff like their favourite holiday destination to more serious topics  like their views on diversity in science. This series has featured scientists from around the world including Israel, Brazil, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Soon after #42Questions came #InOtherWords. In this series scientific terms and papers are explained and demystified by scientists. #InOtherWords videos cover the whole range of scientific topics, from graphene to butterflies to thunderstorm asthma.

Soon after we launched our third concept #MyFirstScience, an interview series in which scientists share their first memory of being fascinated by science and the advice they would like to give to their younger and older selves. This series has featured scientists from around the world including the Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Brazil and the United Kingdom. 

Our latest video series #ListenUp gives scientists a platform talk about what they are passionate about and want the world to know – this could be anything from scientific practices to gender equality to loopholes in the research funding systems.

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In late 2019 we launched the podcast series #UnderTheMicroscope, in which materials and nano scientists are interviewed about their work and career. Topics include their career path, what they love about their job, the research project they are most proud of and more. The podcast guests also take over the twitter account @RealSci_Nano for a week where they tweet about their science, their career journeys and their passions. We are now a team of four taking care of the smooth operation of the podcast and twitter takeovers. This twitter takeover is an extension of the account @RealScientists which run on a similar concept.

After yesterday's Nobel celebration we are back on track . I believe I promised something on #data #analysis
A thread 🧵on how we extract the data from our #robot beamtime @desynews @p021_desy and how we figure out the #arrangement of #atoms in our samples /@RPittkowski 1/6


📢 New Blog-post alert!
Remember those three wishes ou scientists pondered with @MySci_PK? Did you ever wonder what the most common wishes were? Come and find out: https://thesciencetalk.com/2022/10/06/top-3-wishes-of-100-materials-scientists-around-the-world/

We finished this morning! After 48 h of experiments, with two sets of 12 h shifts - running on Chocolate, Cola and Coffee☕️ Nerves always run high at beam time, so the tiredness comes when everything is done. Now we are happy to get home to Copenhagen, just a 5h train ride away🚅 https://twitter.com/RPittkowski/status/1577218722590494721

Rebecca Pittkowski @RPittkowski

A happy and tired beamteam from @jensengroup_cph after a successful x
X-ray scattering beamtime at @p021_desy @desynews . Thanks for the awesome support @HenrikSaerkjaer, we hope to visit you again soon


"Boosting green energy, one reaction at a time"

Please welcome @RPittkowski of @UCPH_Research

#UnderTheMicroscope #WomeninSTEM #materialsscience #nanoscience #GreenEnergy #Scicomm #podcast


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