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Under the Microscope Podcast

Under the Microscope

Spotlighting Materials and Nanoscience

Welcome to “Under the Microscope,” the flagship podcast of The Science Talk. Here, we explore the fascinating world of materials and nanoscience. Join us as we delve into groundbreaking research, innovative discoveries, and the inspiring stories of scientists making waves in this field.

Hosted by Pranoti Kshirsagar, with a PhD in Materials and Nanoscience and over a decade of experience, “Under the Microscope” is dedicated to bringing the incredible work of materials and nanoscientists to the forefront. Our episodes highlight the brilliance and passion of these scientists, providing them a platform to share their insights with a wider audience.

As part of our commitment to fostering engagement, we offer our guests access to our “Real Scientist Nano” Twitter account, allowing them to communicate directly with a specialized and engaged audience.

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Under the Microscope Podcast

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Under the Microscope Podcast

Why Partner With Us?

Global Exposure

Our episodes reach thousands of viewers and listeners who are passionate about materials and nanoscience.

Brand Visibility

Enhance your presence in the scientific community through spotlight features and special mentions.

Thought Leadership

Be recognized for your contributions and innovations, solidifying your influence within the scientific community.

Latest episodes

Under the Microscope Podcast

Bonus for our podcast guests

Our materials/nano science project consists of two parts: The RealSci_Nano Twitter account which is taken over (curated) by a different scientist on a regular frequency, and Under the Microscope podcast in which we interview the curators about their work and careers. The twitter takeover is an extension of the broader and wider Real Scientists account which ran on a similar concept. 

Find out about all our past curators and listen to their interviews here!

Our vision

We want to bridge the gap between materials and nano scientists and the general public. 

Our Mission

Through twitter and podcasting, we provide a free accessible platform for scientists to engage with the public.

We encourage scientists to discuss both their research and their experiences, to challenge stereotypes and provide diverse role models.

FAQs – Under the Microscope

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

A podcast exploring the intricate details of materials science and nanotechnology with leading experts in the field.
Anyone interested in the latest scientific discoveries and technological innovations, particularly in materials science and nanotechnology.
Available on all major podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and directly on our website.
Episodes are added continuously, focusing on delivering the latest and most exciting scientific findings.
While focusing primarily on materials science and nanotechnology, the podcast often intersects with physics, chemistry, and biology, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of scientific research today.


We collaborate with a diverse range of partners including tech companies, research institutions, incubators, accelerators, scientific societies, and funding bodies, ensuring our content reaches various segments of the scientific community.
Multiple opportunities including episode sponsorship, series sponsorship, and bespoke content collaborations.
Partners can enhance their visibility within the scientific community, reach a targeted audience, and align with innovative scientific content.
Partnerships are customized to suit both parties’ goals, with clear terms on collaboration scope, content control, and financial commitments.
Funds are primarily allocated towards enhancing production quality, marketing efforts, and operational support to sustain and grow the podcast.

About RealSci_Nano

RealSci_Nano is a rotation curation Twitter/X account focused on sharing insights from various scientists within the nanoscience field.
Nano science is an interdisciplinary field that merges areas such as chemistry, physics, and biology, making it significant for scientific advancements.
RealSci_Nano offers two-way communication between scientists and the audience, enhancing interaction and engagement.
The audience includes over 3400 followers comprising researchers, educational institutions, and science enthusiasts interested in nanotechnology.
Guests take over the account each week, starting with a welcome tweet and can share their research, insights, and engage with the community.
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