12 months, 12 labs, 1 source.

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“QuanTour” is an official outreach project of the DPG for the “International Year of Quantum Science and Technology 2025”. 

Welcome to QuanTour – A Quantum Emitter’s Journey through Europe

We invite you to be part of a unique journey across Europe and beyond. In QuanTour, a quantum light source travels from lab to lab unveiling the intriguing world of quantum physics. Experience the excitement of measuring single light particles, revealing the fascinating quantum nature of light. Get a view behind the scenes of how quantum physicists work. Discover how quantum technologies will lead to groundbreaking advancements of our society, shaking up our everyday life.

The Journey

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure as the quantum light source sets out to visit the top laboratories working on quantum dots across Europe! Led by renowned scientists in the field, these labs are where the magic happens. But QuanTour isn’t just your average science expedition – it’s like a travel blog come to life, offering a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the world of quantum technology. We’ll also get an insider’s view at how scientists live and work. Taking the source out of the lab to leisurely strolls through historic cities. As we hop from lab to lab and city to city, you’ll experience the beauty of Europe. This will make QuanTour an unforgettable journey filled with discovery and excitement.

The Source

At the heart of QuanTour lies the quantum light source that produces single photons – the smallest quantity of light. The quest of producing single photons keeps scientists around the world engaged. In QuanTour, these single photons will be generated by a quantum dot – a tiny structure made of semiconductor material. Its size is just a few nanometers – think of it like the size of a tennis ball compared to the earth.  The quantum dot is embedded in a bull’s eye-like structure, designed to get those photons out. Fabricated specially at Tobias’ Quantum Communication Lab, we produce single photons from the source at every lab along the QuanTour journey.

The measurement

Having single photons is a quantum phenomena. Our proof we have a single photon: We’ll measure a so-called g2-correlation function. Will you be able to see the dip? Single photons are essential for the future quantum internet, where the use of single photons for data encryption makes communication quantum-secure by the laws of physics. However, there’s a catch: Each photon has to be just right! They need to line up as beads on a string, be exactly the same and, never, appear two at a time. Join the journey to witness single photon production in every corner of Europe. 

Photonic Quantum Technologies

Light plays a crucial role in many applications of our modern society, from communication to navigation. When we’re chatting to our friends via smartphone, browsing the internet, or watching movies, classical laser pulses in fiber-optical networks deployed underground transmit the information. But there is so much more: For example, vacuum robots and self-driving cars are using laser light for navigation. Transferring these and other applications to the quantum realm, by using photons, has the power to improve existing technologies and unlock new possibilities. By harnessing photonic quantum technologies, we  shape a future where technology revolutionizes our society.


Doris Reiter
TU Dortmund (Germany)

Tobias Heindel
TU Berlin (Germany)

Pranoti Kshirsagar
The Science Talk (Germany)

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