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Aine Coogan

Purifying the Future: Layers of Potential with 2D materials Aine is a PhD Researcher at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

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Steve Street

Nano hockey sticks to win over diseases Steve is a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Victoria (Canada) Curation week : May 1 to

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Jodie Bradby

High pressures and diamonds Jodie is a professor at the Australian National University and also head of the materials department Curation week : Apr 16

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Julio Terra

Nanoscience revolusionizing Green Chemistry? Julio is a postdoc at EPFL (Switzerland) Curation week : Apr 3 to Apr 9, 2023

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George Mihailescu

Podcast title – Perfect Broccoli & Quantum Thermometers George is a PhD researcher at the University of Dublin (Ireland) Curation week : Mar 20 to

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Lisa McElwee-White

Podcast title – we got the INK – Nano 3D printing Lisa is a Crow Professor and Chair at the University of Florida (USA) Curation

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Ashok Keerthi

Podcast title – Graphene Nanotunnels: Welcome Onboard Ashok is a presidential fellow at University of Manchester, England Curation week : Dec 12 to Dec 18,

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