Year: 2021

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Andrea Armani

December 13 – 19 2021 Podcast title: A Nanomaterials Patchwork Andrea is a Professor of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science at the University of Southern


24 days of materials

This year, The Science Talk and Real Scientists Nano are running our first ever material science advent calendar! From 01.12.21 to 24.12.21 we’ll open a

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Hongyan (May) Mei

22-28 November 2021 Podcast title: Revolutionising Optics with New Materials May is a Ph.D. student and Research Assistant at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Find

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Burak Guzelturk

15 – 21 November 2021 Podcast title: Dancing Atoms and the Stories They Tell. Burak is an Assistant Physicist at Argonne National Laboratory in the

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Hortense Le Ferrand

November 8 – 14 2021 Podcast title: Nature Inspired Additive Manufacturing Hortense is an Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Find Hortense on

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Tiffany Harte

November 1 -7 2021 Podcast title: Creating New Quantum Materials Atom by Atom Tiffany is a Senior reseach associate at the University of Oxford, UK.

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Giulia Pacchioni

October 25 – 31 2021 Podcast title: Materials Science – Hot from the Press Giulia is a senior editor at Nature Reviews Materials, based in

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Niklas Friedrich

October 18 – 24 2021 Podcast title: Getting in Shape: Spinning for Nanographene Niklas is a PhD Student at NanoGUNE in Spain. Find Niklas on

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Ahmad R. Kirmani

September 20-26 2021 Podcast title: Discoveries at the Interfaces Ahmad is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA. Find Ahmad on social

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