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Crack the Conference Code

Unlock Conference Success: Plan, Network, Learn, and Thrive in Research Gatherings. Set goals, engage strategically, and leverage social media. Ask insightful questions, take notes, present effectively, and follow up for lasting connections. Reflect, implement, and fuel your research journey with newfound knowledge.

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Our Materials Scientists – where are they from?

We recently completed three strong years of the RealScientists Nano Twitter account and Under the Microscope podcast. You can read our post on reaching 3000+ followers on Twitter and the journey behind this milestone. Completing three strong years is very special as this also marked interviewing 100 materials scientists (our curators) from around the world. Our curators of RealSci_Nano and Under the Microscope gave our followers, listeners, viewers and supporters an insight into their science life which has been extremely rewarding.


Thank you Canva for the Pro Version

Beautiful images and videos are our currency in the digital world.  The Science Talk was launched with the mission of making science accessible. Source of

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