24 days of materials

This year, The Science Talk and Real Scientists Nano are running our first ever material science advent calendar! From 01.12.21 to 24.12.21 we’ll open a

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Hongyan (May) Mei

22-28 November 2021 Podcast title: Revolutionising Optics with New Materials May is a Ph.D. student and Research Assistant at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Find

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Burak Guzelturk

15 – 21 November 2021 Podcast title: Dancing Atoms and the Stories They Tell. Burak is an Assistant Physicist at Argonne National Laboratory in the

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Hortense Le Ferrand

November 8 – 14 2021 Podcast title: Nature Inspired Additive Manufacturing Hortense is an Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Find Hortense on

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Tiffany Harte

November 1 -7 2021 Podcast title: Creating New Quantum Materials Atom by Atom Tiffany is a Senior reseach associate at the University of Oxford, UK.

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Giulia Pacchioni

October 25 – 31 2021 Podcast title: Materials Science – Hot from the Press Giulia is a senior editor at Nature Reviews Materials, based in