Anastasiia Mikheenkova

Materials science behind electric car Batteries

Anastasiia is a PhD researcher at Uppsala University (Sweden).

Join us in this enlightening episode of our podcast where we delve into the world of battery research with our special guest, Anastasiia Mishenkova, a passionate PhD student from Uppsala University in Sweden. Anastasiia shares her intriguing journey into the field of electrochemical research, focusing on the aging of batteries in electric vehicles and the broader implications for sustainable energy.

In this episode, Anastasiia discusses her work on understanding how batteries age both electrochemically and at the material level. She sheds light on the methods used to simulate aging in the lab, the analysis of aged batteries, and the importance of diverse scientific backgrounds in this field. Anastasiia’s enthusiasm for research is palpable as she talks about her favorite methods, the challenges and joys of scientific work, and her aspirations for a more inclusive and transparent scientific community.

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