Crystals, Comics, Calculations, Chemistry with Amber Lim


In this episode of Under the Microscope, we welcome Amber Lim, a computational chemist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to discuss her fascinating research on intermetallic crystals. Amber delves into the world of atomic structures, computational modeling, and the use of comics to communicate complex scientific concepts.

Key Points:

  • Amber explains the intricacies of intermetallic crystals, which are formed by combining different metallic elements.
  • She highlights the challenges and rewards of computational chemistry, a field that utilizes computer simulations to study the behavior of materials at the atomic level.
  • Amber shares her passion for using comics as a tool to engage the public in science, making complex concepts more accessible and relatable.


  • Amber discusses her research on the polymorphism of iridium indium 3, where she predicted the phase transition temperature between two crystal structures.
  • She emphasizes the importance of fundamental research in driving technological advancements.
  • Amber shares her three wishes to improve the research experience, including enhancing computational skills, seeking out mentors, and promoting the value of fundamental research.


Amber Lim’s research and passion for science communication make her an emerging scientist to watch out for in the field of chemistry. Her work on intermetallic crystals and her use of comics to engage the public demonstrate her commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and making it accessible to all.

Crystals, Comics, Calculations, Chemistry

Amber is a PhD researcher at the University of Wisconson-Madison (USA)

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