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May 2018

April 2018

#MyFirstScience with Anouk Beniest


Meet Dr. Anouk Beniest, geologist, talks about her first memory of being fascinated by science. She then goes on speaking about how she became a geologist and advice to her 12 yr and 42 yr old self. Dr. Anouk Beniest, geologist, PhD from Sorbonne Universités. Early Career Representative for the European Geological Union, Tectonics and [...]

#MyFirstScience with Anouk Beniest 2018-05-14T15:23:53+00:00

#ListenUp with Gal Richter-Levin


Prof. Gal Richter-Levin shares his thoughts on the Holocaust Remembrance Day. Gal is the head of the Institute for the Study of Affective Neuroscience (ISAN), at the University of Haifa, Israel.

#ListenUp with Gal Richter-Levin 2018-04-11T21:43:23+00:00

March 2018

#42Questions with Katja Schenke-Layland


Meet the inspiring new director of NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tuebingen AND Full Professor (W3), Eberhard Karls University Tübingen (EKUT), Dept. of Women’s Health, Research Institute for Women’s Health, Tübingen, Germany AND Adjunct Associate Professor, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Dept. of Medicine/ Cardiology, Cardiovascular Research Laboratories (CVRL), [...]

#42Questions with Katja Schenke-Layland 2018-03-29T19:28:28+00:00

#42Questions with Cristiane de Morais Smith | Pranoti


Meet the fabulous and inspiring 'the female Brazilian physicist' -- Prof. Dr. Cristiane de Morais Smith.   Cristiane is a professor at Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Utrecht , Netherlands.   In this interview Cristiane answer some very basic questions from her last meal to her views on open access scientific publications.         [...]

#42Questions with Cristiane de Morais Smith | Pranoti 2018-03-18T13:23:45+00:00